Why Choose Unicorn Hunt?

Hey Unicorns and Unicorn Hunters! Thanks for being here, it’s always a pleasure.

So, the question of the day.. Why Unicorn Hunt? Why post a job with us?

Unicorn Hunt was created a few years ago to solve a problem: the startup community in the UK was vastly underserved in its job platforms, and companies had few good options to find their new employee online.

Sure, you could post with a major catch-all board and hope the posting finds it to the few employees that you might be interested in hiring. But there are problems with that.

First, it takes a certain someone to want to work in a startup. Not everyone thrives in this environment, and you have no idea whether your reaching the right audience with a larger job board.

Second, it’s crazy expensive. If there is one theme that we find is consistent - it is that start-ups are usually counting pennies, hence “startup”. Not everyone can afford a spot on a large job board, or to (gasp) hire a recruitment agency.

So Unicorn Hunt was birthed into existence to meet the need of this poor underserved startup scene, and dance on rainbows in the process. We cater to the (mostly) UK Start-up scene, and our users are looking for start-up specific jobs! So you know the audience that you’re reaching is the one you want. Booyah.

But WAIT, hold your hooves and rainbow manes, there’s more… You can pick your pricing. You. Choose. How. Much. You. Pay. Don’t have the £199 for a standard post? That’s just fine. Can’t shell out £100? Hey, come on board! Don’t want to pay £25 for a job posting on a rainbow themed website? We get it! No problemo.

Want to spend £0.00? Sweet! Welcome, to Unicorn hunt!

We try to be super inclusive. We understand that companies have different budgets. Flushed with cash, or just really need to fill the position? Our featured job is for you! It’s the macdaddy of job postings, including the highest ranking on the site, highlighted in a funky colour, and also gets the special VIP treatment on all of our splendid newsletters - which includes a super awesome personal introduction of the company. I write them, so I’m biased. But they are objectively amazing.

So, why choose Unicorn Hunt? We’re the UK’s (and dare I say Europe’s) best startup job board. So there.