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* We understand that not everyone can afford to pay in full for their listing so we have a handy "choose you own discount” feature which you’ll see at the payment stage. You can use it if you're an early stage startup with no or limited revenue!

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"Unicorn Hunt has been fantastic for us at TransferWise. It's helped us find great employees that genuinely care about our company, and understand what it takes to work in a startup. It's a genuine pleasure to refer people I meet to the beautiful jobs page too."

"We had a very urgent need to get a high-quality front-end developer in to Ramp to work on a very important project. Within 48hrs of placing our listing on Unicorn Hunt we had Daniel sat in our office, doing brilliant work. We couldn't have asked for a better, quicker process."

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Rules of the hunt

We don't want anonymous "our client" style jobs please – it must be clear which company an applicant would be working for.

We also want to ensure all jobs are posted with responsibility in mind (unpaid internships are a legal minefield and our community get really cross about them and tweet at us with angry emojis!)

How are jobs promoted?

Any job posted on Unicorn Hunt gets lots of love on the ol' Twittersphere with hashtags and celebratory language to boot. Check it out here!

We have a weekly job specific newsletter which goes out to 13,000+ subscribers.

We also have a clever bit of code that calculates the amount you pay and for how long the job has been live, to decide how high up the job board the post is.

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