About Valsys

Valsys is an IDE for financial modeling. The financial services industry has been using outdated spreadsheet software for decades. This presents significant issues when seeking to do more advanced analysis at scale. Financial modeling has remained expensive, time-consuming, and error-prone. Our platform provides the necessary technological infrastructure to improve efficiency, track forecast accuracy, and conduct complex analysis across thousands of models.


We are a small, fully technical team of ambitious builders that just want to write really good software. Valsys is a startup and we try to use that to our advantage, you’ll have flexibility and ownership over your work from day one. We’re looking for engineers who care deeply, can take initiative, and be part of a team.

About the Role

Valsys is looking for a senior Typescript/React engineer to work on our client side application. This is primarily a web based application that allows users to view and edit models, build interactive dashboards based on model data and import existing spreadsheet models into the Valsys platform. You will work with the CTO and lead client side developer to deliver both new features and improvements to the platform and help grow and manage the client side team. You will also have a wider technical leadership role involving setting and driving technical standards across the team.

Our Stack

Microservices architecture - the majority of our services are written in Golang, our data pipelines are in Python and orchestrated through Kafka. We run on AWS via EKS (Kubernetes). Our web application is written in Typescript using React/Redux. We work in an agile environment, deploying to production numerous times a week through BitBucket pipelines.


  • Commercial modern Typescript/React experience

  • Strong understanding of SOLID principles and clean coding

  • Experience working in a TDD environment, using Jest, React Testing Library or similar

  • Experience in consuming RESTful API services and performance tuning large-scale applications

  • Experience with:

    • React 17/18 features such as suspense and hooks

    • Redux or similar state management system.

Nice to have(s):

  • Redux Toolkit experience

  • Experience with D3.js and/or derivative libraries

  • Hiring and management experience

  • Knowledge of interpreters and parsing expression grammars (PEG)

  • Experience with WebSockets

  • AWS experience

  • Monitoring tools - Sentry, Jira